The Ergonomic Program Implementation Continuum (EPIC): Integration of health and safety

A process evaluation in the healthcare sector

INTRODUCTION: This article presents a health and safety intervention model and the use of process evaluation to assess a participatory ergonomic intervention. METHOD: The effectiveness of the Ergonomic Program Implementation Continuum (EPIC) was assessed at six healthcare pilot sites in Ontario, Canada. The model provided a framework to demonstrate evaluation findings. RESULTS: Participants reported that EPIC was thorough and identified improvements related to its use. Participants believed the program contributed to advancing an organizational culture of safety (COS). Main barriers to program uptake included resistance to change and need for adequate funding and resources. The dedication of organizational leaders and consultant coaches was identified as essential to the program's success. IMPACT ON INDUSTRY: In terms of impact on industry, findings contribute to the evidence-based knowledge of health and safety interventions and support use of the framework for creating a robust infrastructure to advance organizational COS and link staff safety and wellness with patient safety in healthcare.
Source :  Baumann A, Holness DL, Norman P, Idriss-Wheeler D, Boucher P. J. Saf. Res. 2012; 43(3): 205-213.

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