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Ergonomics, health and working time organization

Dossier spécial dans Applied Ergonomics, Volume 42, Issue 2 (2011)
This special issue of Applied Ergonomics includes eleven selected papers presented at the XIX International Symposium on Shift work and Working Time, held in San Servolo Island, Venice (Italy), on 2–6 August 2009, and jointly organized by the Scientific Committee on “Shift work and Working Time” of the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH), and the Working Time Society (WTS).
This biannual event, now with a 40-year tradition (the first symposium was held in 1969), is aimed at providing up-to-date information about ongoing studies and research on night and shift work, as well as new trends in working time organization, with a view to propose practical and feasible solutions for a better organization of working hours, that is more respectful of human health and social well-being.

Source : http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/publication?issn=00036870&volume=42&issue=2

Manual Handling Risks Grab Irish Authority's Attention

A new guidance document published by the Health and Safety Authority recommends ways to prevent back injuries and strains caused by handling heavy loads or lifting loads to an unsafe height.

Ireland's Health and Safety Authority has posted a guidance document to help retail establishments prevent back injuries and strains that could result from manual handling of pallets, heavy boxes, and bulky consumer products at point of purchase, such as cases of bottled water. The agency noted that some work at retail establishments may involve a significant amount of physical activity, which can be hazardous if it requires someone to handle very heavy loads or lift loads to an unsafe height. The document illustrates eight case studies of typical work. It includes a worksheet for completing a hazard assessment and a checklis.


Source : http://www.hsa.ie/eng/Publications_and_Forms/Publications/Occupational_Health/Manual%20Handling%20Retail%20Sector.pdf

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