Evaluating Methods to use the Virtual Corset™ Inclinometer for Trunk Posture and Spinal Compression Measurements

Back posture and spinal compression – the force that squeezes the bones in our spine together as we sit, walk, stand, play, and work – are recognized risk factors for back injury among workers.  In order to learn more about the relationships between workplace risk factors and back injury, researchers need to able to evaluate back posture and spinal compression during work for large numbers of individuals.  There are sophisticated methods that can measure these risk factors but they are costly, time consuming, and impractical in the field. Instead, field studies tend to use simplified, less accurate methods, such as observation tools.  In the current study, researchers evaluated the use of a new device (the Virtual Corset™) to measure trunk angle (the angle of the torso in relation to either the pelvis or the ground depending on how many of the virtual corset devices are worn) and use the measurement data to estimate spinal compression.  The Virtual Corset is more user friendly and less expensive than laboratory based methods.

Source : http://www.worksafebc.com/contact_us/research/research_results/res_60_10_840.asp

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