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National survey of the burden of sickness absence in the waste and recycling industry
The aim of the project was to provide HSE and the industry with reliable estimates of rates of sickness absence for specific categories of ill health and for key work tasks undertaken by workers. 32 different organisations provided data on the spells of sickness absence taken by their workforce, 28 local authorities and four private sector organisations, collectively employing approximately 7700 workers. The contribution of local authorities and private sector organisations to the total person years of follow up in the study was 41% and 59% respectively. Data was collected on 17,613 spells of absence...
Health and safety in waste and recycling in Great Britain, 2013
The information in this document relates to Health and Safety Statistics for 2012/13. The document can be found at: . There is a general downward trend in the rate of injury over the last eight years, but there is also significant year-to-year variation, especially in the number of fatalities. Injury numbers have been falling for the last four years or longer. Nevertheless, waste and recycling remains a high-risk industry. Although it accounts for only about 0.6% of the employees in Britain it still accounts for 2.8% of reported injuries to employees...

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