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Gendered Pathways to Burnout: Results from the SALVEO Study
Burnout is a pervasive mental health problem in the workforce, with mounting evidence suggesting ties with occupational and safety outcomes such as work injuries, critical events and musculoskeletal disorders. While environmental [work and non-work, work-to-family conflict (WFC)] and individual (personality) pathways to burnout are well documented, little is known about how gender comes to influence such associative patterns. The aim of the study consisted in examining gendered pathways to burnout. The study analysed data derived from the SALVEO study, a cross-sectional study of 2026 workers from...
Gender differences in occupational injury incidence
OBJECTIVES: To describe the frequency and distribution of workplace injury claims by gender, and quantify the extent to which observed gender differences in injury claim rates are attributable to differential exposure to work-related factors. METHODS: WorkSafe Victoria (Australia) workers' compensation data (254,704 claims with affliction onset 2004-2011) were analysed. Claim rates were calculated by combining compensation data with state-wide employment data. RESULTS: Mental disorder claim rates were 1.9 times higher among women; physical injury claim rates were 1.4 times higher among men...
Harcèlement sexuel au travail
Le défenseur des droits publie une enquête exclusive L'enquête réalisée par le Défenseur des droits révèle que, aujourd'hui, en France, 1 femme sur 5 déclare avoir été victime de harcèlement sexuel au travail, ce qui viennent confirmer les propos des témoins, également ciblés par l'enquête. Les gestes et propos à connotation sexuelle sans le consentement de la personne et un environnement de travail avec des blagues à caractère sexuel sont, avec le chantage...

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