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Violence at work
The number and incidence rate of violent incidents at work has declined over the last decade. Findings from the 2013/14 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) show that: - the risk of being a victim of actual or threatened violence at work is similar to the last five years with an estimated 1.1% of working adults the victims of one or more violent incidents at work (CSEW) - in 2013/14, the survey estimated 257 000 adults of working age in employment experienced work related violence including threats and physical assault - there were an estimated 583 000 incidents of violence at work according...
Violence at work
The number of violent incidents at work has declined over the last decade, with the incident rate remaining stable over the last four years. Findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) show that in 2012/13. Source:
Stress tops workers' safety concerns and spending cuts will make it worse
Stress, bulling and harassment, back strains, slips, trips and falls, and overwork top the list of workers' safety concerns, according to the TUC's biennial survey of safety reps. The 2010 survey finds that stress is by far the most common health and safety problem at work. Nearly two thirds (62 per cent) of reps say that stress is in the top five of problems faced by the workforces they represent. More than a quarter of reps (27 per cent) pick out stress as the hazard at work that most concerns them. The TUC survey reveals that stress is most often found in the public than in the private...
Violence at work
Statistics HSE has today published the ‘Violence in the Workplace’ report, which interrogates Home Office ‘British Crime Survey’ results and presents findings on work related violence. HSE publishes this report as part of its responsibility for developing and implementing policy on work-related violence. Source :
Psychosocial working conditions
Latest figures for 2009 The latest national statistics on Psychosocial working conditions, produced by the Health and Safety Executive, were released on 28 October 2009 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority. This report presents analysis of 2009 data from an annual series of surveys on psychosocial working conditions which began in 2004. These surveys were set up to monitor changes in the psychosocial working conditions of Demand, Control, Managerial Support, Peer Support, Role, Relationships and Change in British workplaces. Source:

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