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Mental Health Expenditures
Association with Workplace Incivility and Bullying Among Hospital Patient Care Workers Objective: Bullied workers have poor self-reported mental health; monetary costs of bullying exposure are unknown. We tested associations between bullying and health plan claims for mental health diagnoses. Methods: We used data from 793 hospital workers who answered questions about bullying in a survey and subscribed to the group health plan. We used two-part models to test associations between types of incivility/bullying and mental health expenditures. Results: Workers experiencing incivility or bullying had...
Return to work: A comparison of psychological and physical injury claims
The report examines the similarities and differences between psychological and physical claims. Two main areas are considered: RTW by potential influencing factors, and employees responses and experiences. Source:
Global patterns of workplace productivity for people with depression
Absenteeism and presenteeism costs across eight diverse countries Purpose: Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Research suggests that by far, the greatest contributor to the overall economic impact of depression is loss in productivity; however, there is very little research on the costs of depression outside of Western high-income countries. Thus, this study examines the impact of depression on workplace productivity across eight diverse countries. Methods: We estimated the extent and costs of depression-related absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace across eight countries...
The Economic Impact of Psychological Distress in the Australian Coal Mining Industry
Objective: The aim of this study was to estimate the economic impact of psychological distress among employees of the Australian Coal Mining Industry. Methods: Sample data were gathered from 1456 coal mining staff across eight sites in two Australian states. Two measures were taken of work time lost over four weeks due to psychological distress: (1) full-day absences; (2) presenteeism. Lost work time was valued using hourly wages. Sample data was modeled to estimate annual monetary losses for the Australian Coal Mining Industry. Results: For the sample, estimated annual value of time lost due to...
The Longitudinal Prediction of Costs due to Health Care Uptake and Productivity Losses in a Cohort of Employees With and Without Depression or Anxiety
Objective: To examine how various predictors and subgroups of respondents contribute to the prediction of health care and productivity costs in a cohort of employees. Methods: We selected 1548 employed people from a cohort study with and without depressive and anxiety symptoms or disorders. Prediction rules, using the RuleFit program, were applied to identify predictors and subgroups of respondents, and to predict estimations of subsequent 1-year health care and productivity costs. Results: Symptom severity and diagnosis of depression and anxiety were the most important predictors of health care...
Calculating the cost of work-related stress and psychosocial risks
A literature review Work-related stress is expensive. Tackling stress and psychosocial risks can be viewed as too costly, but the reality is that it costs more to ignore them. Stress affects performance and leads to absence from work. If prolonged it may result in serious health problems such as cardiovascular or musculoskeletal diseases. All this comes at a cost. This report summarises the studies focusing on calculating costs of work-related stress and psychosocial risks. The main costs for individuals relate to health impairment, lower income and reduced quality of life. Organisations are affected...
Harassment and bullying cost you plenty
Work pressure, harassment and bullying are still costing workers and employers many weeks off work and thousands of dollars for individual compensations claims. Workers under the pump who lodged mental stress claims took off a median 9.6 weeks with the median cost of each claim being $19,700, says the latest data from Safe Work Australia. Work-related harassment and/or workplace bullying accounted for 8.4 weeks off work and $18,100. Also, exposure to workplace or occupational violence resulted in an average 3.1 weeks off work and $6400. Although overall the frequency of these and other mental stress...
Incidence and cost of depression after occupational injury
OBJECTIVES: We examined if injured workers were more likely than noninjured workers to be treated for depression after an occupational injury and estimated the cost paid by group medical insurance. METHOD: Nearly 367,900 injured and noninjured workers were drawn from the 2005 Thomson Reuters MarketScan data. Descriptive, logistic, and two-part model regression analyses were used. RESULTS: The odds of injured workers being treated for depression within the study period were 45% higher than those of noninjured workers (95% confidence interval, 1.17-1.78). The unconditional average cost of outpatient...

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