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Associations Between Systemic Quality of Life and Burnout Among French Canadian Workers
Burnout has very often been studied from a work-life specific perspective. However, a recent field of research leads to wonder about the impact that life events can have on the development of burnout. This study therefore investigated the associations between five domains of systemic quality of life and the three dimensions of burnout proposed by Maslach and colleagues. An analysis of correlations and multiple hierarchical regressions were performed on a sample of 202 French Canadian workers. These analyses report inverse associations between quality of life and burnout, with strong negative correlations...
Gendered Pathways to Burnout: Results from the SALVEO Study
Burnout is a pervasive mental health problem in the workforce, with mounting evidence suggesting ties with occupational and safety outcomes such as work injuries, critical events and musculoskeletal disorders. While environmental [work and non-work, work-to-family conflict (WFC)] and individual (personality) pathways to burnout are well documented, little is known about how gender comes to influence such associative patterns. The aim of the study consisted in examining gendered pathways to burnout. The study analysed data derived from the SALVEO study, a cross-sectional study of 2026 workers from...
New Survey Further Confirms Workplace Stress Epidemic
Three in 10 Canadian workers are employed in psychologically unhealthy and unsafe workplaces, according to a recently published Ipsos Reid survey. In this survey of more than 6,800 Canadian workers, researchers sought to evaluate levels of psychosocial risks (PSR) at work. Nineteen per cent reported facing PSRs at work. In analyzing responses to the survey though, researchers concluded the problem was far greater. Twenty nine per cent actually fell into categories of serious or significant concerns in terms of the psychological risks associated with their workplace.

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