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Hired crop worker injuries on farms in the United States
A comparison of two survey periods from the National Agricultural Workers Survey Background: Hired crop workers in the United States are at high risk of occupational injury. Targeted surveillance is important for effective occupational safety efforts. Methods: The National Agricultural Workers Survey was utilized to collect injury data during the years 1999, 2002–2004 (period I) and 2008–2010 (period II). Results: The overall injury rate declined between the two periods from 4.3 to 2.9/100 per full-time week-based equivalents (FTEWB). Injury rates remained high during both periods for...
Are immigrants in Canada over-represented in riskier jobs relative to Canadian-born labor market participants?
BACKGROUND: This paper uses new data to examine the gap in injury and fatality rates between immigrant men and women and their Canadian-born counterparts. METHODS: Data from the 2011 National Household Survey and the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada were used to determine the difference in occupational and industry injury and fatality rates between various arrival cohorts of immigrants and those Canadian born. RESULTS: For both men and women, there is no significant difference in occupational injury and fatality rates between various arrival cohorts of immigrants and Canadian...
Taking risks and survival jobs
Foreign-born workers and work-related injuries in Australia Higher rates of work-related injuries (WRI) have been reported among foreign-born workers in many countries, but little is known about the situation in Australia, which initially had large waves of European followed by Asian migration and where the recruitment of skilled migrants has dominated recently. The aim of the study was to examine WRI among foreign-born workers in Australia. This was a two phase mixed methods study. The first stage used the 2005/6 and 2009/10 Australian national Multi-Purpose Household Survey (MPHS) information...
Work related mortality and hospital admissions among migrant workers in Australia, 1991-2010
OBJECTIVES: One in four of the Australian population is born abroad, with skilled migration encouraged since the mid-1990s. The shift from an industrial to a service based economy has seen a decline in recent decades of work-related injuries (WRIs) and related mortality in Australia. We examine deaths and hospital admissions from WRI, among foreign and Australian-born workers. METHOD: Work-related mortality and hospital admission rates were derived from tabulated data from the 1991 to 2011 censuses, 1991-2002 national deaths and hospital admissions for 2001-2010. Comparisons across country of birth...

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