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The cost of work-related stress to society
A systematic review A systematic review of the available evidence examining the cost of work-related stress (WRS) would yield important insights into the magnitude of this social phenomenon. The objective of this review was to collate, extract, and synthesize economic evaluations of the cost of WRS to society. A research protocol was developed. Included cost-of-illness (COI) studies estimated the cost of WRS at a societal level, and were published in English, French or German. Searches were carried out in ingentaconnect, EBSCO, JSTOR, Science Direct, Web of Knowledge, Google, and Google scholar...
Gender differences in occupational injury incidence
OBJECTIVES: To describe the frequency and distribution of workplace injury claims by gender, and quantify the extent to which observed gender differences in injury claim rates are attributable to differential exposure to work-related factors. METHODS: WorkSafe Victoria (Australia) workers' compensation data (254,704 claims with affliction onset 2004-2011) were analysed. Claim rates were calculated by combining compensation data with state-wide employment data. RESULTS: Mental disorder claim rates were 1.9 times higher among women; physical injury claim rates were 1.4 times higher among men...
Chiffres clefs de la sinistralité - 2008
Les faits saillants de l'année et les données détaillées - Accident du travail - Accident de trajet - Maladie professionnelle Source :
Selected Charts on Young Worker Employment, Injuries and Illnesses
Chart package with data on youth employment, injuries and illnesses from a variety of data sources. These charts include available data as well as trend data for multiple years.

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