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The value of occupational safety and health and the societal costs of work-related injuries and diseases
This report details the findings of the second stage of EU-OSHA’s project to estimate the costs of occupational injuries, diseases and deaths at European level. Two approaches are developed to estimate costs: 1.a bottom-up approach based on individual components of costs — direct, indirect and intangible costs 2.a top-down approach based on international data on the economic burden of injury and disease. The cost estimations focus on five countries — Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland — for which sufficient data are available and which are representative...
Safety at the workplace: accidents and illnesses
The topic of work safety is a very relevant and multifaceted problem for workers, firms and policy makers. Differing from other narrow-scope studies, this article aims to enrich the understanding of workplace safety as a whole by applying econometric techniques on data from the Italian Labour Force Survey. Findings show poor working conditions are the most significant determinants of accidents and illnesses occurring at work, while having a fixed-term (temporary) contract is not significant. Other significant determinants of work safety are: not being new to the workforce; dissatisfaction with...
Work accidents decline while incapacity claims for occupational diseases rise
Fewer people worked in the Italian health and social care sector in 2008 than in 2004; the hospital workforce fell slightly but more people worked in non-hospital services (especially providing care to the elderly). Work accident rates declined in hospitals but increased in non-hospital services (though accurate data are hard to obtain). Incapacity claims by hospital workers for skin and respiratory diseases declined but those for musculoskeletal diseases increased. Source :
Point statistique AT-MP ITALIE (2008)
Dans la collection de statistiques relatives aux accidents du travail (AT) et maladies professionnelles (MP) dans les pays de l'Union européenne, EUROGIP publie les données 2008 concernant l'Italie. Source :

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