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Programme national de surveillance du mésothéliome pleural (PNSM)
Vingt années de surveillance (1998-2017) des cas de mésothéliome, de leurs expositions et des processus d'indemnisation En 1998, la Direction générale du travail (DGT) et la Direction générale de la santé (DGS) des ministères respectifs ont saisi Santé publique France pour mettre en place un programme national de surveillance des effets sanitaires de l'amiante : le programme national de surveillance du mésothéliome pleural (PNSM), marqueur spécifique des expositions passées à l'amiante...
Beyond Determining Compliance: How Can Workers’ Compensation Insurers’ Exposure Data Be Improved and Used?
The workers' compensation system can be used for more than processing work-related illness or injury insurance claims. The data collected through this system provide valuable information to identify how these injuries and illnesses happen, so that they can be prevented. In recent years, use of workers' compensation injury and illness data in the public health field has grown. However, occupational exposure data (also known as industrial hygiene data) collected by many workers' compensation insurers is understudied. If analyzed, these data may help identify priority hazards and trends...
Linking Compensation and Health Surveillance Data Sets to Improve Knowledge of US Coal Miners’ Health
Objective: Increase knowledge of US coal miners’ respiratory health by linking data from the black lung benefits program (BLBP) and the coal workers’ health surveillance program (CWHSP). Methods: BLBP claims data from 2000 through 2013 was linked to CWHSP data from 1970 through 2016. Results: Overall, 273,644 miners participated in CWHSP, 37,548 in BLBP, and 22,903 in both programs. Median age of miners at their time of first/only participation in CWHSP was 28 and 32 years, respectively. BLBP claimants were older (median age 59). Thirty-nine percent of BLBP claimants had not participated...

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