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Suicide and drug-related mortality following occupational injury
BACKGROUND: Drug overdoses and suicides have been rising since 2000 and are major contributors to a 3-year decline in US life expectancy. Studies suggest that injured workers have elevated rates of depression and opioid use, but no studies have measured excess mortality related to these risks. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We linked New Mexico workers' compensation data for 100 806 workers injured in 1994 through 2000 with Social Security Administration earnings and mortality data through 2013 and National Death Index cause of death data. We then estimated the association between receiving lost-time...
Manitoba Workplace Injury and Illness Statistics 2000-2012
Major Highlights of Manitoba Workplace Injury Data, 2000 to 2012 Injuries and injury rate trends The provincial time loss injury rate fell from a high of 5.6 time loss injuries per 100 workers in 2000 to a preliminary level of 3.3 in 2012. This is a drop of 41 per cent over the period. Fatalities The number of occupational fatalities varies significantly from year to year. In 2012, there were 11 acute hazard fatalities and 29 occupational disease fatalities. Musculoskeletal injuries Musculoskeletal injuries, or MSIs, are injuries to or disorders of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves...

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