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Le risque de contracter un trouble musculo-squelettique (TMS)
Enseignements d'une analyse contrôlant les « effets de structure » L'étude « L'exposition des salariés aux maladies professionnelles en 2007 » Dares Analyses n°56 dresse un état des lieux du risque de maladies professionnelles en France en 2007, à partir de divers indicateurs statistiques (taux de fréquence, indice de gravité) ventilés par variables sociodémographiques. Source :
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the EU - Facts and figures
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) remain the most common occupational disease in the European Union and workers in all sectors and occupations can be affected. Recent figures, for example from Austria, Germany or France, also demonstrate an increasing impact of musculoskeletal disorders on costs This latest report, following on from the Agency's previous research, aims to give an updated overview of the current European situation as regards musculoskeletal disorders, the trends over the years since the first campaign in 2000, and a detailed insight into the causes and circumstances behind MSDs...

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