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Road transport industry profile - Australia
The Road transport industry profile contains summary data relating to injuries incurred by workers employed in the road transport industry as well as work-related fatalities. It is a useful resource for anyone with an interest in work-related injuries and fatalities in the road transport industry. Source:
Occupational fatalities among driver/sales workers and truck drivers in the United States, 2003-2008
BACKGROUND: This study provides a national profile of occupational fatalities among truck drivers and driver-sales workers. METHODS: Data from the 2003-2008 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries were used. Cases were extracted specifically for occupational subcategories included in the Driver/Sales Workers and Truck Drivers occupational category: Driver/Sales Workers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers, and Light Truck or Delivery Services Drivers. RESULTS: In 2003-2008, the group Driver/Sales Workers and Truck Drivers had 5,568 occupational fatalities, representing 17% of all occupational...
Mortality among a cohort of U.S. commercial airline cockpit crew
BACKGROUND: We evaluated mortality among 5,964 former U.S. commercial cockpit crew (pilots and flight engineers). The outcomes of a priori interest were non-chronic lymphocytic leukemia, central nervous system (CNS) cancer (including brain), and malignant melanoma. METHODS: Vital status was ascertained through 2008. Life table and Cox regression analyses were conducted. Cumulative exposure to cosmic radiation was estimated from work history data. RESULTS: Compared to the U.S. general population, mortality from all causes, all cancer, and cardiovascular diseases was decreased, but mortality from...
Fatal accidents and injuries among merchant seafarers worldwide
BACKGROUND: The British merchant fleet has expanded in recent years but it is not known whether this expansion has led to proportionate changes in mortality. AIMS: To investigate mortality from accidents and injuries in British merchant shipping, to determine whether this has increased in recent years, to compare fatal accident rates across British industries and to review fatal accident rates in merchant shipping worldwide over the last 70 years. METHODS: Examinations of marine accident investigation files, death registers and death inquiry files, national mortality statistics, worldwide surveys...
Shipyard fatalities in Turkey
The objective of this paper is to investigate causes and incidence rates of 115 fatalities between 2000 and 2010 in Turkish shipyards and to propose mitigation measures. The fatality rate in Turkish shipbuilding industry is unacceptably high, being 3.5 times the average of all industry groups. Classification of fatal occupational accidents revealed five major fatality reasons for the shipbuilding industry; falling from higher elevation to a lower level, exposed to electric shock, fire and/or explosion, being struck by or struck against objects, and caught in between. The highest number of cases...

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