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Mesothelioma Mortality by Geographical Area
Mesothelioma mortality in Great Britain 1981-2015 Previous descriptive analyses of mesothelioma death rates for geographical areas within Great Britain have highlighted the effect of geographically-specific sources of asbestos exposure: geographical areas with the highest mortality rates tend to be those known to contain large industrial sites such as shipyards and asbestos product factories. This factsheet provides an update of analyses of mesothelioma mortality by Unitary Authority (UA) and Local Authority (LA) area to include deaths occurring during the period 1981 to 2015, the longest period...
Exposure to Lead in Great Britain 2014
There was an overall reduction in the number of British workers under medical surveillance for work with lead over the past decade. Women have consistently accounted for a small proportion of the total under surveillance, and the number of young people (under 18 years) under surveillance remains low. The most recent medical surveillance data show: - The total number of workers under medical surveillance fell by 47% from 7949 in 2011/12 to 4240 in 2012/13 - The industry sector with the highest number of males under surveillance was the lead battery manufacture sector, with numbers similar to previous...
Pesticide incidents report
This report provides information on incidents and complaints involving reported pesticide pesticides investigated by the Field Operations Directorate (FOD) of the Health and incidents, including Safety Executive (HSE) between 1 April 2008 and 31 March 2009. Source :
Projection of mesothelioma mortality in Great Britain
There has been an increase in mesothelioma mortality in Great Britain, with 1705 deaths recorded in 2006. In 2005, a statistical model was developed based on a simple birth-cohort model, which assumes that the risk of mesothelioma depends on age and years of exposure and that an individual's asbestos exposure depends on the year of exposure. An optimisation technique was used to fit the model and a profile of the population exposure was estimated. Projections of the future burden of mesothelioma mortality were calculated, however statistical uncertainties in the formulation of the model could...

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