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The value of occupational safety and health and the societal costs of work-related injuries and diseases
This report details the findings of the second stage of EU-OSHA’s project to estimate the costs of occupational injuries, diseases and deaths at European level. Two approaches are developed to estimate costs: 1.a bottom-up approach based on individual components of costs — direct, indirect and intangible costs 2.a top-down approach based on international data on the economic burden of injury and disease. The cost estimations focus on five countries — Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland — for which sufficient data are available and which are representative...
DGUV Statistics 2016 - Figures and long-term trends
Current figures and long-term trends relating to the industrial and the public sector accident insurers. Source:
Statistical review of occupational injuries – Germany 2009-2010 data
This document sets out a descriptive synthesis of the main available statistical data about accidents at work, commuting accidents and occupational diseases in Germany. It comes from the use by EUROGIP of various national publications. The data have been translated and presented according to Eurogip´s knowledge of the analysed insurance system and have not been reprocessed. Source :
Point statistique AT/MP ALLEMAGNE - 2009-2010
Collection de données statistiques relatives aux accidents du travail (AT), maladies professionnelles(MP) et accidents de trajet en Allemagne pour la période 2009-2010. Source :
Point statistique AT-MP Allemagne (données 2008)
Collection de données statistiques relatives aux accidents de travail (AT) et maladies professionnelles (MP) dans les pays de l'Union européenne. Source:
Allemagne : les accidents du travail et les maladies professionnels en 2008
Dans un rapport publié en janvier 2010, l’Institut fédéral allemand pour la santé et la sécurité au travail (BAuA) analyse les dernières statistiques en matière de sinistralité concernant l'ensemble de la population active. Avec 765 accidents du travail mortels constatés en 2008, la tendance baissière se poursuit en Allemagne. Source :

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