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Beyond Determining Compliance: How Can Workers’ Compensation Insurers’ Exposure Data Be Improved and Used?
The workers' compensation system can be used for more than processing work-related illness or injury insurance claims. The data collected through this system provide valuable information to identify how these injuries and illnesses happen, so that they can be prevented. In recent years, use of workers' compensation injury and illness data in the public health field has grown. However, occupational exposure data (also known as industrial hygiene data) collected by many workers' compensation insurers is understudied. If analyzed, these data may help identify priority hazards and trends...
EWCS 2010 - Physical factors
Physical hazards as persistent as ever European workers remain as exposed to physical hazards as they did 20 years ago, the 5th European Working Conditions Survey shows. For instance, one in three workers (33%) carry heavy loads at least a quarter of their working time, while almost one in four (23%) are exposed to vibrations. Both these figures are unchanged since 2000. Source :

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