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Extreme heat and occupational heat illnesses in South Australia, 2001-2010
OBJECTIVES: This study aims to examine the epidemiological characteristics of occupational heat illnesses in South Australia, to quantify the association between ambient temperature and occupational heat illnesses, and to investigate the impact of heatwaves on occupational heat illnesses. METHODS: Workers' compensation claims data and weather data were obtained from SafeWork South Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology, respectively, for 2001-2010. Time series analysis with generalised estimation equation models and linear spline functions was used to quantify the temperature-heat illness...
National Hazard Exposure Worker Surveillance - Sunlight Report
This report focuses on the exposure of Australian workers to direct sunlight and the control measures that are provided in workplaces that eliminate, reduce or control worker exposure to direct sunlight. The aims of this report are as follows: to describe patterns of exposure to direct sunlight in conjunction with patterns of direct sunlight control provision with respect to industry, occupation and other relevant demographic and employment variables, and; to make recommendations, where possible, for the development of OHS and workers' compensation policy. Source : http://www.safeworkaustralia...

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