Mental Health Expenditures

Association with Workplace Incivility and Bullying Among Hospital Patient Care Workers
Objective: Bullied workers have poor self-reported mental health; monetary costs of bullying exposure are unknown. We tested associations between bullying and health plan claims for mental health diagnoses.
Methods: We used data from 793 hospital workers who answered questions about bullying in a survey and subscribed to the group health plan. We used two-part models to test associations between types of incivility/bullying and mental health expenditures.
Results: Workers experiencing incivility or bullying had greater odds of any mental health claims. Among claimants, unexposed workers spent $792, those experiencing one type of incivility or bullying spent $1,557 (p for difference from unexposed=0.016), those experiencing two types spent $928 (p = 0.503), and those experiencing three types spent $1,446 (p = 0.040).
Conclusions: Workplace incivility and bullying may carry monetary costs to employers, which could be controlled through work environment modification.

Source: Sabbath, E. L., Williams, J. A., Boden, L. I., Tempesti, T., Wagner, G. R., Hopcia, K., ... et Sorensen, G. (2018). Journal of occupational and environmental medicine.

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