Harassment and bullying cost you plenty

Work pressure, harassment and bullying are still costing workers and employers many weeks off work and thousands of dollars for individual compensations claims.
Workers under the pump who lodged mental stress claims took off a median 9.6 weeks with the median cost of each claim being $19,700, says the latest data from Safe Work Australia.
Work-related harassment and/or workplace bullying accounted for 8.4 weeks off work and $18,100.
Also, exposure to workplace or occupational violence resulted in an average 3.1 weeks off work and $6400.
Although overall the frequency of these and other mental stress claims, including exposure to traumatic events and suicide or attempted suicide, have fallen since 2001-2002, harassment and/or bullying has increased.
Also, these figures may underestimate the extent of the problem. “Workers' compensation data may not be the best way of looking at trends in work-related mental stress as the ability to lodge a claim may be influenced by the legislative process and other external factors,” says the Safe Work Australia data.

Source: http://nsca.org.au/bullying-and-harassment/harassment-bullying-cost-plenty/

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