Work-Related Knee Injuries Treated in US Emergency Departments

Objective: To characterize work-related knee injuries treated in US emergency departments (EDs). Methods: We characterized work-related knee injuries treated in EDs in 2007 and examined trends from 1998 to 2007 by using the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System—occupational supplement. Results: In 2007, 184,300 (±54,000; 95% confidence interval) occupational knee injuries were treated in US EDs, accounting for 5% of the 3.4 (±0.9) million ED-treated occupational injuries. The ED-treated knee injury rate was 13 (±4) injuries per 10,000 full-time equivalent workers. Younger workers and older female workers had high rates. Strains/sprains and contusions/abrasions were common—frequently resulting from falls and bodily reaction/overexertion events. Knee injury rates declined from 1998 through 2007. Conclusions: Knee injury prevention should emphasize reducing falls and bodily reaction/overexertion events, particularly among all youth and older women.

Source : Chen, Zhiqiang MD, PhD, MSPH; Chakrabarty, Sangita MD, MSPH; Levine, Robert S. MD; Aliyu, Muktar H. MD, MPH, DrPH; Ding, Tan MS; Jackson, Larry L. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, September 2013, Vol. 55, no 9, p. 1091–1099.

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