Statistics on fatal injuries in the workplace 2010/11-HSE

The figures for 2010/11 are, at this stage, provisional. They will be finalised in June 2012 following any necessary adjustments. This arrangement allows for the fact that the investigations of workplace fatal injuries  are often complex and can take considerable time. In the course of these investigations new facts can emerge to affect judgements on issues such as whether the accident was work-related or whether the worker was based at the site of the accident. This means that initial views regarding the reportability of the accident or the industrial sector to which it should be assigned can prove to be incorrect. The delay of a year in finalising the figures allows for such matters to be fully resolved in the light of formal interviews with all relevant witnesses, forensic investigation and coroners rulings. Also, Regulation 4 of RIDDOR covers situations were someone dies of their injuries within a year of their accident.

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