HSE - Food and drink manufacture injury rates continue to fall

HSE recently published its latest HSE Statistics (2009/10) on workplace injuries, work-related ill health and enforcement in GB. During 2009/10, in food and drink manufacture, there were 4185 ‘over-3-day absence' injuries plus 856 ‘major' injuries (eg broken bones or requiring hospitalisation). Expressed as injury rates, 'O-3-D absence injuries' reduced from 1197 (2008/09) to 1165 injuries/100,000 workers, a drop of 2.7%. The combined rate for ‘O-3-D absence' plus ‘major injuries' fell by 1% during 2009/10 which, when added to an earlier 3% drop in 2008/09, makes an overall reduction of 4% during the period 2008/10.

Source : http://news.hse.gov.uk/2010/12/14/food-and-drink-manufacturing-injury-statistics/

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