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HSE - Fatal injuries in the workplace, statistics for the full year 2009/10

The release provides a provisional full-year total for 2009/10. Finalised figures for 2008/09 are also provided, as are trends over recent years. The key points from the latest release are:

- The provisional figure for the number of workers fatally injured in 2009/10 is 151, and corresponds to a rate of 0.5 fatalities per 100 000 workers.
- The latest data represents a statistically significant decrease in the rate of fatal injury compared to previous years.
- It reinforces an underlying downward trend in the rate of fatal injuries.
- The figure of 151 for the latest year is 31% lower than the average for the past five years (220). In terms of the rate of fatal injuries, the latest figure of 0.5 compares to a five-year average of 0.7.

Source : http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/hubresults/0910.htm?ebul=stats/jun-10&cr=01

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