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Chiffres clefs de la sinistralité - 2008

Les faits saillants de l'année et les données détaillées
- Accident du travail
- Accident de trajet
- Maladie professionnelle

Source : http://www.risquesprofessionnels.ameli.fr/atmp_media/CHIFFRES%20CLEFS%20SINISTRALITE%2008%20INTERACTIF.pdf

Declining trends in young worker injury rates

2000 to 2007
Although young males have typically had higher work-related injury rates than older men, this trend has changed in some parts of Canada. In at least two provinces, Ontario and Quebec, 15- to 24-year-old men now have similar rates as older men, and British Columbia has also seen some declines among young men.
This Issue Briefing presents a detailed breakdown of workplace injury rates for men and women in these three provinces over time, and suggests potential reasons for the trends.

Source : http://www.iwh.on.ca/briefings/young-worker-injury-rates

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