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The Causes and Incidence of Occupational Accidents and Ill-Health Across the Globe

The study was commissioned by the British Safety Council to bring together for the first time the different country data on work-related deaths, accidents and ill-health, to enable an analysis of the overall pattern of reporting across the world. It draws on evidence produced by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other leading national and international organisations involved in labour and employment standards, including health and safety.


Fatalities in food and drink manufacture

In the ten year period April 1999 to March 2009 there were 33 fatal injuries (excluding those to contractors) in the food and drink manufacturing industries.

These fatalities involved machinery (over 30%), workplace transport (over 25%), falls from height (over 20%) and confined spaces/asphyxiation (over 10%).     


OECD Factbook 2009: Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics

OECD Factbook 2009 is the fifth edition of a comprehensive statistical annual from the OECD. More than 100 indicators cover a wide range of areas: economy, agriculture, education, energy, environment, foreign aid, health and quality of life, industry, information and communications, population/labour force, trade and investment, taxation, public expenditure and R&D. This year, the OECD Factbook features a focus chapter on inequality. Data are provided for all OECD member countries with area totals, and in some cases, for selected non-member economies.


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