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Is Early Prescribing of Opioid and Psychotropic Medications Associated With Delayed Return to Work and Increased Final Workers’ Compensation Cost?
Objective: To explore the association between the initial 60 days of prescriptions for psychotropic medications and final workers' compensation claim outcomes. Methods: A cohort of 11,394 claimants involved in lost time injuries between 1999 and 2002 were followed through December 31, 2009. Logistic regressions and Cox Proportional Hazard Models were used in the analysis. Results: The initial 60 days of prescriptions for psychotropic medications were significantly associated with a final claim cost at least $100,000. Odds ratios were 1.88 for short-acting opioids, 2.14 for hypnotics, antianxiety...
Estimating the Net Benefit of a Specialized Return-to-Work Program for Workers on Short-Term Disability Related to a Mental Disorder
An Example Exploring Investment in Collaborative Care Objective: This article estimates the net benefit for a company incorporating a collaborative care model into its return-to-work program for workers on short-term disability related to a mental disorder. Methods: Employing a simple decision model, the net benefit and uncertainty were explored. Results: The breakeven point occurs when the average short-term disability episode is reduced by at least 7 days. In addition, 85% of the time, benefits could outweigh costs. Conclusions: Model results and sensitivity analyses indicate that organizational...
Does part-time sick leave help individuals with mental disorders recover lost work capacity?
Purpose: This paper aims to answer the question whether combining sick leave with some hours of work can help employees diagnosed with a mental disorder (MD) increase their probability of returning to work. Given the available data, this paper analyzes the impact of part-time sick leave (PTSL) on the probability of fully recovering lost work capacity for employees diagnosed with an MD. Methods: The effects of PTSL on the probability of fully recovering lost work capacity are estimated by a discrete choice one-factor model using data on a nationally representative sample extracted from the register...

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