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Effectiveness of multifaceted implementation strategies for the implementation of back and neck pain guidelines in health care
A systematic review For the optimal use of clinical guidelines in daily practice, mere distribution of guidelines and materials is not enough, and active implementation is needed. This review investigated the effectiveness of multifaceted implementation strategies compared to minimal, single, or no implementation strategy for the implementation of non-specific low back and/or neck pain guidelines in health care. Source: Suman, A., Dikkers, M. F., Schaafsma, F. G., van Tulder, M. W., & Anema, J. R. (2016). Implementation Science, 11 (1), 126.
Prognostic Factors for Return to Work, Sickness Benefits, and Transitions Between These States
A 4-year Follow-up After Work-Related Rehabilitation Purpose The aim of this study was to examine if age, gender, medical diagnosis, occupation, and previous sick leave predicted different probabilities for being at work and for registered sickness benefits, and differences in the transitions between any of these states, for individuals that had participated in an interdisciplinary work-related rehabilitation program. Methods 584 individuals on long-term sickness benefits (mean 9.3 months, SD = 3.4) were followed with official register data over a 4-year period after a rehabilitation program. 66...
Effect of the Danish return-to-work program on long-term sickness absence
Results from a randomized controlled trial in three municipalities Objectives : The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the Danish return-to-work (RTW) program on long-term sickness absence in a randomized controlled trial in three municipalities. Methods : The intervention group comprised 1948 participants while the control group comprised 1157 participant receiving ordinary sickness benefit management (OSM). Study participants were working-age adults receiving long-term (≥8 weeks or more) benefits, included regardless of reason for sickness absence or employment status. Each beneficiary...
How should methods for return to work be evaluated?
"Measures to decrease early retirement are underway in many countries to increase the working population and lower costs. Sick leave is the normal pathway to early retirement and methods to enable persons on sick leave to return to work (RTW) earlier and at a higher rate are in focus. Using the term “RTW”, a search in PubMed resulted in about 300 papers, of which more than half have been published after 2008 and 20% during the last year alone. RTW has been the focus of many papers recently submitted to and published in the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health. In...

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