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Return to work: A comparison of psychological and physical injury claims
The report examines the similarities and differences between psychological and physical claims. Two main areas are considered: RTW by potential influencing factors, and employees responses and experiences. Source:
Effects of graded return-to-work
A propensity-score-matched analysis Objectives: Graded work exposure is deemed to have a therapeutic effect. In Germany, graded return-to-work (GRTW) is therefore frequently used following a rehabilitation program if workers are still unable to perform full job duties. The aim of the analyses was to determine long-term effects on disability pension and regular employment. Methods: Analyses were performed with longitudinal administrative data. Patients aged 18–60 years who attended an orthopedic, cardiac, oncological, or psychosomatic rehabilitation between January and June 2007 were eligible...
Length of Disability and Medical Costs in Low Back Pain
Do State Workers' Compensation Policies Make a Difference? Objective: The aim of the study was to examine the impact of state workers' compensation (WC) policies regarding wage replacement and medical benefits on medical costs and length of disability (LOD) in workers with low back pain (LBP). Methods: Retrospective cohort analysis of LBP claims from 49 states (n?=?59,360) filed between 2002 and 2008, extracted from a large WC administrative database. Results: Longer retroactive periods and state WC laws allowing treating provider choice were associated with higher medical costs and longer...
Is Early Prescribing of Opioid and Psychotropic Medications Associated With Delayed Return to Work and Increased Final Workers’ Compensation Cost?
Objective: To explore the association between the initial 60 days of prescriptions for psychotropic medications and final workers' compensation claim outcomes. Methods: A cohort of 11,394 claimants involved in lost time injuries between 1999 and 2002 were followed through December 31, 2009. Logistic regressions and Cox Proportional Hazard Models were used in the analysis. Results: The initial 60 days of prescriptions for psychotropic medications were significantly associated with a final claim cost at least $100,000. Odds ratios were 1.88 for short-acting opioids, 2.14 for hypnotics, antianxiety...
Return-to-work according to impairment type among occupationally injured workers in Korea
This study examined the association between return-to-work and impairment type. Database of the [South] Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service was used to identify disabled persons; and return-to-work information was obtained from the Korea Employment Information Services database. The study participants were 79,328 persons who received Workers' compensation and who were confirmed as disabled during 2009-2011. Logistic regression was used to analyze the association between return-to-work and impairment type, adjusted by age, sex, impairment severity, pre-injury businesses size...
Current situation and issue of industrial accident compensation insurance
Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance (IACI) has a history of about 50 yr, and is the oldest social insurance system in Korea. After more than 20 times of revision improvements in benefits, its contents and claim systems have been upgraded. It became the protector of injured workers and their families, and at the same time became the system which could cope with both financial burden of employers and their responsibilities. However, there are some issues to be reformed to upgrade the IACI: 1) the problems in the approval system of occupational diseases, 2) quality improvement of workers'...
A national scan of employment standards, occupational health and safety and workers' compensation resources for new immigrants to Canada
Kosny, A.A, et M.E. Lifshen (2012). A national scan of employment standards, occupational health and safety and workers' compensation resources for new immigrants to Canada. Canadian Journal of Public Health , 103(1) :53-58. OBJECTIVES: The burden of work injuries in Canada is a serious public health concern. Nearly one million Canadian workers experienced nonfatal injuries that led to time off work in 2005. New employees and recent immigrants are more likely to experience a work-related injury. The purpose of this study was to examine services, programs and resources available to newcomers...
The impact of workers' compensation on outcomes of surgical and nonoperative therapy for patients with a lumbar disc herniation
STUDY DESIGN: Prospective randomized and observational cohorts. OBJECTIVE: To compare outcomes of patients with and without workers' compensation who had surgical and nonoperative treatment for a lumbar intervertebral disc herniation (IDH). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Few studies have examined the association between worker's compensation and outcomes of surgical and nonoperative treatment. METHODS: Patients with at least 6 weeks of sciatica and a lumbar IDH were enrolled in either a randomized trial or observational cohort at 13 US spine centers. Patients were categorized as workers'...

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