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Rehabilitation and return to work
An analysis of EU and Member State systems and programmes Against the backdrop of the ageing workforce, this report gives an overview of the approaches taken to rehabilitation and return to work throughout Europe. It analyses the factors that influence whether rehabilitation and return-to-work systems are developed and implemented in countries, and it goes on to identify particular success factors of these systems in Europe. It concludes by discussing the policy-relevant findings, and identifying areas where additional research is required to bridge the current knowledge gaps. Source: https://osha...
Quel est l’impact du système d’indemnisation maladie sur la durée des arrêts de travail pour maladie ?
En France, les indemnités journalières versées à un salarié en cas d'absence au travail pour maladie sont fi nancées par un système à trois étages. Le premier étage est constitué des indemnités journalières versées par l'Assurance maladie. Le deuxième étage dépend des dispositions de la convention collective dont le salarié relève. Le troisième étage, facultatif pour les employeurs, est négocié au niveau de chaque entreprise, et...
Work-injury absence and compensation among partnered and lone mothers and fathers
Background: The purpose of this study is to examine the risk of a work-injury absence and the likelihood of receiving compensation among partnered and lone mothers and fathers. Methods: This study utilized data from an annual survey of Canadian residents. Logistic regression models examined the association between family status and the receipt of workers' compensation, and absences due to work-related injury or illnesses of 7 or more days. Results: Being a lone mother was significantly associated with the risk of work-injury absence. Gender differences were observed for workers' compensation...

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