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After the storm: the social relations of return to work following electrical injury
In this study, we explored the experiences of 13 individuals who had suffered an electrical injury at work and had subsequently returned to work. In this article, we report on the social, institutional, and relational elements that workers perceived to influence return to work experiences and the provision of workplace accommodations. These elements included (a) worker resources, (b) job characteristics, (c) workplace setting, (d) injury elements, (e) workers' compensation context, and (f) supports and advocacy provided. We conclude that the availability and provision of supportive accommodations...
Return to work and productive activities following a spinal cord injury
The role of income and insurance Study design:We analyzed longitudinal data on secondary outcomes from participants in a telerehabilitation study.Objectives:To examine the factors affecting return to productive activities and employment and the time to these events following a spinal cord injury (SCI).Setting:A large southeastern rehabilitation hospital in the United States.Methods:We used hazard regression models to analyze data from newly injured people (n=111) participating in an educational intervention post discharge who were followed for up to 2 years. Outcomes were time to return to productive...

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