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Perceptions of illness and their impact on sickness absence
A patient's perception of their illness can influence their coping ability, compliance with treatment and functional recovery. Psychological interventions to address negative beliefs may facilitate an earlier return to work. Aims To compare perceptions of illness, fitness to return to work and time to return to work among employees with those of their occupational physicians (OPs). Methods A cross-sectional study of employees off sick for >2 weeks, with the return to work date ascertained at 3 months. Employees and their OPs completed similar questionnaires that included the Brief Illness...
Engagement in patterns of daily occupations and perceived health among women of working age
The aim of the present cross-sectional study was to examine how subjective experiences of engagement in patterns of daily occupations (gainful employment, domestic work, enjoyable and recreational occupations) were associated with perceived health among women of working age. The sample ( n =488) was drawn from a longitudinal cohort study of women of working age in Gothenburg, Sweden. Participants were women 38 ( n =202) and 50 ( n =286) years of age. They completed a questionnaire including questions about occupational experiences in relation to their patterns of daily occupations, perceived health...

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