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Is patient satisfaction and perceived service quality with musculoskeletal rehabilitation determined by patient experiences?
Objective: To assess the relationships between patient experiences and two overall evaluations – satisfaction and service quality – in outpatient rehabilitation settings. Design : A cross-sectional, self-reported survey carried out in the year 2009. Setting: Three outpatient rehabilitation units belonging to Spanish hospitals located in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. Subjects : Four hundred and sixty-five outpatients (response rate 90%) mean age 39.4 (SD = 11.9) years. Main measures : Self-reported experiences on aspects of care, participants' perception of service quality, satisfaction...
The integration of bio-medicine and culturally based alternative medicine: implications for health care providers and patients
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are therapies used along with or in place of bio-medicine. Many forms of CAM originate in culture, referred to as culturally based alternative medicines. Usage of CAM is high with large numbers of patients using CAM for mental health, pain and musculoskeletal problems. Their desire for holistic care may be the impetus for this interest, as alternative care practitioners spend more time analyzing illness symptoms. These factors along with the global migration of immigrants accustomed to traditional medicine but now immersed in biomedical health care systems...
'We got the whole story all at once': physiotherapists' use of key questions when meeting patients with long-standing pain
Long-standing musculoskeletal pain has many dimensions. Physiotherapy lacks a tested method of dialogue with which physiotherapists and patients can together explore pain in all its complexity. The present aim was to find out how physiotherapists experienced the influence of systematically prepared key questioning on their relation to, and understanding of, patients with long-standing pain. A group of six physiotherapists with long experience of pain rehabilitation used such questions in their encounters with their patients. Two periods of work with the questions were followed by discussions in...

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