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Intercultural communication in health care: challenges and solutions in work rehabilitation practices and training: a comprehensive review
Côté, Daniel (2012). Intercultural communication in health care: challenges and solutions in work rehabilitation practices and training: a comprehensive review. Disability & Rehabilitation (sous presse, disponible en ligne) Purpose: The purpose of this comprehensive literature review it to explore cross-cultural issues in occupational rehabilitation and work disability prevention. Method: A literature review on cross-cultural issues was performed in medicine, health sciences, and social sciences databases (PubMed, Ingenta, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Ergonomics...
Factors affecting RTW following acute low-back pain
Steenstra, Ivan et coll. (2012). Factors affecting RTW following acute low-back pain. Institute for Work & Health (IWH) Sommaire d'une recension des écrits sur les déterminants du retour au travail chez les personnes souffrant de lombalgies aigues. Although most workers with acute low-back pain (i.e. pain for up to six weeks) return to work following a relatively straightforward path, anywhere from one-fifth to one-third go on to suffer chronic low-back pain (i.e. pain for longer than three months). This results in potentially lengthy absences from work. This systematic review...
Community occupational therapists' clinical reasoning: Identifying tacit knowledge
Occupational therapy interventions in the community, a fast expanding practice setting, are central to an important social priority, the ability to live at home. These interventions generally involve only a small number of home visits, which aim at maximising the safety and autonomy of community-dwelling clients. Knowing how community occupational therapists determine their interventions, i.e. their clinical reasoning, can improve intervention efficacy. However, occupational therapists are often uninformed about and neglect the importance of clinical reasoning, which could underoptimise their interventions...
Young adults' experience of stroke: a qualitative review of the literature
Stroke is a life-threatening event that has a devastating impact on young adults and their families. The author conducted a systematic review of the qualitative literature to explore the experience of stroke from the perspective of young adults. Four primary research 'papers' were analyzed using the Qualitative Assessment and Review Instrument; 60 findings were extracted from the papers and merged into 13 categories, from which three synthesized findings were developed - disorientation, disrupted sense of self, and roles and relationships. Many of the effects of stroke are 'invisible'...

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