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Work ability – experiences and perceptions among physicians
Purpose .To describe experiences and perceptions of work ability and how it can be assessed among Swedish physicians. Method .We interviewed eight men and six women in the fields of general practice, occupational health, rehabilitation and orthopaedic surgery. Qualitative content analysis was applied to the data. Results .The approach striving to support the patient in mutual confidence was what primarily affected how work ability was understood and how it could be assessed. Two main categories, with sub categories were settled: familiar but vague, with subcategories conflicting expectations and...
A Typology of Sick-Listed Claimants to Improve Communication Skills for Social Insurance Physicians during Medical Disability Assessment Interviews
Introduction Role play with standardised simulated patients is often included in communication training. However, regarding physician-patient encounters in medical disability assessment interviews it is unclear what should be included in the scenarios for actors. The first objective of this study was to determine which types of medical disability claimants can be distinguished based on behavioural determinants. The second objective was to determine if these types of claimants differed in their perception of communication behaviour and their satisfaction with the communication with physicians. Methods...
A quantitative approach to measure occupational therapist–client interactions: a pilot study
Aims: The purpose of this pilot study was to assess the feasibility of a quantitative approach to study occupational therapist–client interactions. Role plays were videotaped in which 10 therapists met three client-actors. A questionnaire assessed the occupational therapists' and the patient-actors' opinion of the role-play experience. A modified version of the Roter Interaction Analysis System (RIAS), OT-RIAS, was used to analyse data. Major findings: Occupational therapists considered the role play experience to be “highly realistic” (mean score 5.4 on a 1–6 Likert...

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