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Costs and Work Loss Burden of Diagnosed Opioid Abuse Among Employees on Workers Compensation or Short-term Disability
Objective: To compare 12-month healthcare costs between employees with versus without diagnosed opioid abuse within 12 months after an injury-related workers' compensation (WC) or short-term disability (STD) claim. Methods: Retrospective study using 2003 to 2014 US insurance claims linked to administrative data on WC/STD claims. Multivariable models compared healthcare costs between employees with versus without diagnosed opioid abuse. Results: Study included 107,975 opioid-treated employees with an injury-related WC or STD claim. Mean number of opioid prescription fills and adjusted total...
Relationship Between Opioid Prescribing Patterns and Claim Duration and Cost
Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between timing and duration of opioid prescriptions, disability duration, and claims costs for work-related injuries. Method: A retrospective cohort study using lost time compensation claimant data to examine the relationship between opioid prescription patterns and claim duration and cost. Logistic regression adjusted for sex, marital status, initial reserve, attorney involvement, and spinal surgeries. Results: Odds ratios for claim cost at least $100,000 and duration at least 3 years were not statistically different between groups...
Is Early Prescribing of Opioid and Psychotropic Medications Associated With Delayed Return to Work and Increased Final Workers’ Compensation Cost?
Objective: To explore the association between the initial 60 days of prescriptions for psychotropic medications and final workers' compensation claim outcomes. Methods: A cohort of 11,394 claimants involved in lost time injuries between 1999 and 2002 were followed through December 31, 2009. Logistic regressions and Cox Proportional Hazard Models were used in the analysis. Results: The initial 60 days of prescriptions for psychotropic medications were significantly associated with a final claim cost at least $100,000. Odds ratios were 1.88 for short-acting opioids, 2.14 for hypnotics, antianxiety...
New Canadian guideline released on opioid use for chronic non-cancer pain
At Work, le bulletin trimestriel de l'Institute for Work and Health (IWH), annonce la parution récente d'un guide canadien sur l'utilisation des opiacés pour contrôler les douleurs au dos. Il est question du mauvais usage des opiacés par les Canadiens et du traitement inadéquat de la douleur. Le guide complet peut être téléchargé à partir du site de l'IWH. Source:

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