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The work ability index and single-item question
Associations with sick leave, symptoms, and health – a prospective study of women on long-term sick leave Objectives : This study investigated the association between the work ability index (WAI) and the single-item question on work ability among women working in human service organizations (HSO) currently on long-term sick leave. It also examined the association between the WAI and the single-item question in relation to sick leave, symptoms, and health. Predictive values of the WAI, the changed WAI, the single-item question, and the changed single-item question were investigated for degree...
Functional capacity evaluations for the prevention of occupational re-injuries in injured workers
Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a method to assess physical capacity to perform certain tasks. It is believed that FCE can prevent re-injury if injured workers are assessed before they return to work and get proper recommendations on how to perform work tasks. We found no studies that compared workers given FCE to workers given no intervention to evaluate the effectiveness in preventing re-injury of FCE. We found one RCT involving 372 injured workers that compared a short version of the FCE to an extensive version in which more bodily functions were tested. The short-form FCE produced a...

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