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Work and Family Characteristics as Predictors of Early Retirement in Married Men and Women
This study presents an integrative model of early retirement using data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study. The model extends prior work by incorporating work—family conflict to capture the interaction between the work and family domains and by assuming proximal and distal predictors of early retirement. More precisely, the model suggests that family and job demands and resources predict family-to-work and work-to-family conflict, respectively. All of these factors are presumed to have only indirect effects on retirement timing via the intervening effect of quality-of-life measures, that...
Retention, reintegration and rehabilitation of workers who have suffered chronic diseases
A new site provides guidance for the retention, reintegration and rehabilitation of workers who have suffered chronic diseases, and how to retain these workers in the work process. The site is an outcome of a pan-European project on the topic and addresses very diverse risks from cancer, musculoskeletal disorders to multiple sclerosis and infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS. The project was supported by the European Social Fund. The documentary tool kit provides information as well as recommendations for the use of OSH and other prevention actors, such as ergonomists, OSH practitioners...
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