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Burnout and Behavior-Related Health Risk Factors: Results From the Population-Based Finnish Health 2000 Study
Ahola, Kirsi et coll. (2012). Burnout and Behavior-Related Health Risk Factors: Results From the Population-Based Finnish Health 2000 Study. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine , 54(1): 17-22. Objective: To explore the relationship between burnout and behavior-related health risk factors. Methods: We collected data from a population-based sample ( n = 3264) through interviews, questionnaires, and health examinations. Burnout was assessed using the Maslach Burnout Inventory—General Survey. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and leisure-time physical activity were self-reported...
Low–Socioeconomic Status Workers: Their Health Risks and How to Reach Them
Objective: To help workplace health promotion practitioners reach low–socioeconomic status workers at high risk for chronic diseases. Methods: We describe low–socioeconomic status workers’ diseases, health status, demographics, risk behaviors, and workplaces, using data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, and Bureau of Labor Statistics. Results: Workers with household annual incomes less than $35,000, or a high school education or less, report more chronic diseases and lower health status. They tend to be younger, nonwhite, and...
Has the Prevalence of Invalidating Musculoskeletal Pain Changed Over the Last 15 Years (1993–2006)? A Spanish Population-Based Survey
The aim of the current study was to estimate the prevalence and time trend of invalidating musculoskeletal pain in the Spanish population and its association with socio-demographic factors, lifestyle habits, self-reported health status, and comorbidity with other diseases analyzing data from 1993-2006 Spanish National Health Surveys (SNHS). We analyzed individualized data taken from the SNHS conducted in 1993 (n = 20,707), 2001 (n = 21,058), 2003 (n = 21,650) and 2006 (n = 29,478). Invalidating musculoskeletal pain was defined as pain suffered from the preceding 2 weeks that decreased main working...

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