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Physical capacity, occupational physical demands, and relative physical strain of older employees in construction and healthcare
Purpose To assess age-related differences in physical capacity, occupational physical demands, and relative physical strain at a group level, and the balance between capacity and demands at an individual level, for construction and healthcare workers. Methods Shoulder strength, back strength, and aerobic capacity were assessed among construction ( n  = 62) and healthcare workers ( n  = 64). During a full working day, accelerometers estimated upper-arm elevation, trunk flexion, and occupational physical activity as indicators of occupational physical demands. Simultaneously...
Work participation and health-related characteristics of sickness absence beneficiaries with multiple somatic symptoms
Objectives: The primary aim was to study whether high levels of multiple symptoms influenced sick-listed individuals' employment status or desire to return to work (RTW) and whether this was associated with social relations at work. Study design: A cross-sectional study nested in a clinical trial. Methods: In 2011–2012, 736 (34%) of 2172 sick-listed individuals completed a posted questionnaire and were included. Main outcome was self-reported employment status. The Symptom Check List (SCL-SOM)'s sum score (0–48) was categorized in high (>18) and low (≤18) levels. Previous...
Predictors of permanent work disability among =50-year-old patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention
Objectives: This study aimed to describe the incidence and periprocedural predictors of permanent work disability (PWD) pension among patients ≤50 years old who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Methods: Patient records of 910 consecutive patients undergoing PCI at four Finnish hospitals in 2002–2012 were reviewed for baseline and procedural data and late adverse events. Data on permanent work disability (PWD) pension allocation were acquired from the Finnish Centre for Pensions, which governs the statutory pension security in Finland. Results: Mean follow-up was 41 ...

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