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Job burnout and job wornout as risk factors for long-term sickness absence
Objective: Contingent self-esteem has been assumed to be a risk for burnout-related disorders, and a contingent self-worth notion of job burnout was applied to study the prospective relationship between job burnout and registered episodes of sickness absence of ? 60 consecutive days. Methods: Job burnout was defined as being in the high quartiles on the Maslach Burnout Inventory – General Survey (MBI-GS) scales of exhaustion and cynicism and, in addition, as being above the median on a scale for performance-based self-esteem. Another high exhaustion-cynicism group, a "job wornout"...
Sickness absence, social relations, and self-esteem...
titre complet: Sickness absence, social relations, and self-esteem: A qualitative study of the importance of relationships with family, workmates, and friends among persons initially long-term sickness absent due to back diagnoses Objective: The aim of the present study was to explore and analyze accounts of social interactions and relationships with family, workmates, and friends supplied by persons with experience of sickness absence due to back, neck, or shoulder diagnoses. The focus was on experiences that seemed to involve positive and negative self-evaluative aspects, and therefore may be...

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