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Whole body vibration compared to conventional physiotherapy in patients with gonarthrosis: a protocol for a randomized, controlled study
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common degenerative arthropathy. Load-bearing joints such as knee and hip are more often affected than spine or hands. The prevalence of gonarthrosis is generally higher than that of coxarthrosis. Because no cure for OA exists, the main emphasis of therapy is analgesic treatment through either mobility or medication. Non-pharmacologic treatment is the first step, followed by the addition of analgesic medication, and ultimately by surgery. The goal of non-pharmacologic and non-invasive therapy is to improve neuromuscular function, which in turn both prevents formation...
Coping self-efficacy as a mediator between catastrophizing and physical functioning: treatment target selection in an osteoarthritis sample
The purpose of this study was to assess the relative effects of coping self-efficacy and catastrophizing on physical functioning. Over a 9-month period, studying changes in self-efficacy as possible mediator between catastrophizing changes and physical functioning changes might provide evidence for the most promising treatment target. Data came from a randomized, longitudinal controlled trial comparing exercise, self-management and the two combined to treat 254 individuals with early knee osteoarthritis. A secondary analysis using a bootstrapped linear mixed-effects mediational model produced estimates...

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