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Effect of integrated care for sick listed patients with chronic low back pain: economic evaluation alongside a randomised controlled trial
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the cost effectiveness, cost utility, and cost-benefit of an integrated care programme compared with usual care for sick listed patients with chronic low back pain. DESIGN: Economic evaluation alongside a randomised controlled trial with 12 months' follow-up. Setting Primary care (10 physiotherapy practices, one occupational health service, one occupational therapy practice) and secondary care (five hospitals) in the Netherlands, 2005-9. PARTICIPANTS: 134 adults aged 18-65 sick listed because of chronic low back pain: 66 were randomised to integrated care and 68 to usual...
A bio-psycho-social exercise program (RUCKGEWINN) for chronic low back pain in rehabilitation aftercare - Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial
There is strong, internationally confirmed evidence for the short-term effectiveness of multimodal interdisciplinary specific treatment programs for chronic back pain. However, the verification of long-term sustainability of achieved effects is missing so far. For long-term improvement of pain and functional ability high intervention intensity or high volume seems to be necessary (> 100 therapy hours). Especially in chronic back pain rehabilitation, purposefully refined aftercare treatments offer the possibility to intensify positive effects or to increase their sustainability. However, quality...

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