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Understanding how traumatic re-enactment impacts the workplace: Assisting clients' successful return to work
This research explores the observation that people who have had traumatic life experiences may connect with work in an unhealthy way, impacting their ability to return to work successfully. Purpose: This research aims to understand how past traumatic experiences influence career choice and workplace behaviour and, given this understanding, consider how occupational therapists can facilitate change towards a successful return to work. Methods: Semi-structured interviews were used to gather information from twenty-five clients experiencing depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. Clients...
Factors Related to Return to Work by Women with Breast Cancer in Northern France
Introduction Earlier diagnosis and better treatment have increased the survival rates of breast cancer patients. This warrants research on return to work of cancer survivors, especially about subjective factors because they affect the mental desire to return to work. Moreover, knowledge in this issue is very limited in France. Objectives This study aims to explore the objective and subjective factors that affect whether and when women with breast cancer return to work. Methods 379 women with breast cancer aged 18–60 years who were working at the time of diagnosis responded to a 45 item questionnaire...
Perceptions of possibilities of returning to work with chronic musculoskeletal disorders
Chronic musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are the most common cause of work disability in the western world. Return to work (RTW) with chronic MSD is a complex process dependent on individual and social factors, including individual perceptions of the process. No studies have addressed RTW in the Slovenian context of high job protection legislation. This study was aimed at understanding how Slovenian employees with MSD made sense of their experiences with work and life before and after the occurrence of MSD, giving meaning to their perceptions of the possibility to return to work. Data were collected...
MSDsThe Impact of Health, Illness, Pain and Recovery-Strategy Representations on the Work Rehabilitation Process
Cette activité visait principalement à documenter les représentations de la maladie, de la santé et de la guérison qui influencent le processus de réadaptation de travailleurs affectés de troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS) engagés dans une démarche de retour au travail. Les chercheurs ont recensé les cadres conceptuels existants et les outils de mesure à cet égard. Ils ont ensuite recueilli les témoignages de travailleurs absents du travail depuis plusieurs mois en raison d'un TMS. Le rapport situe...

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