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Self-reported pain and disability outcomes from an endogenous model of muscular back pain
Background Our purpose was to develop an induced musculoskeletal pain model of acute low back pain and examine the relationship among pain, disability and fear in this model. Methods: Delayed onset muscle soreness was induced in 52 healthy volunteers (23 women, 17 men; average age 22.4years; average BMI 24.3) using fatiguing trunk extension exercise. Measures of pain intensity, unpleasantness, and location, and disability, were tracked for one week after exercise. Results: Pain intensity ranged from 0 to 68 with 57.5% of participants reporting peak pain at 24 hours and 32.5% reporting this at 48...
Best practices in the rehabilitation of acute musculoskeletal disorders in workers with injuries: An integrative review and analysis of evolving trends
Objective: Strategies for the restoration of function and job performance in workers with musculoskeletal disorders have changed considerably since industrial rehabilitation became a distinct specialization in the 1980s. A rich body of research concerning approaches to medical and rehabilitative management of these disorders exists, resulting in a large number of hybrid approaches worldwide. Methods: This integrative review examined the evidence base for best practices in the rehabilitation of acute musculoskeletal workplace injuries, and also mapped the evolution of approaches over the past thirty...

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