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Factors that Predict Return-to-work in Workers with PTSD
A considerable number of workers who suffer from work-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are unable to return to work. The purpose of this study was to identify factors that impede return-to-work in workers suffering from PTSD. WorkSafeBC Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants and workers on medical leave due to work-related PTSD were surveyed. Factors identified by participants as barriers to return-to-work included: PTSD symptom severity, co-morbid conditions, negative beliefs about PTSD, and an overestimation of the likelihood that traumatic events would re-occur. Source : http://www...
Posttraumatic and depressive symptoms in victims of occupational accidents
The present descriptive study was aimed at evaluating posttraumatic and depressive symptoms and their cooccurrence, in a sample of victims of workplace accidents. Also, posttraumatic negative cognitions were assessed. Eighty-five injured workers were evaluated, using the PTSD Symptom Scale, the Beck Depression Inventory II, and the posttraumatic Cognitions Inventory. 49.4% of injured workers reported both depressive and posttraumatic symptoms of clinical relevance. 20% only reported posttraumatic, but not depressive, symptoms, and 30.6% did not report either type of symptoms. The group with both...

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