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Functional and Occupational Characteristics Associated With Very Early Return to Work After Stroke in Japan
Tanaka H et al. (2011). Functional and occupational characteristics associated with very early return to work after stroke in Japan. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 92 (5): 743-748. To examine clinical, functional, and occupational factors associated with very early return to work after stroke, and to identify factors manageable through occupational arrangements, patient education, and other welfare programs. Design: Prospective cohort study. Setting: Acute care of the first stroke event in 21 acute care hospitals specializing in clinical and occupational health. Participants...
Determinants of early return to work after first stroke in Japan
Objective: To examine the time to return to work after first stroke and identify determinants of early return to work in Japan. Design: A multicentre, prospective cohort study on the association between characteristics at admission and early return to work after first stroke. Subjects: Among 464 patients after first stroke, 325 were registered in this study. All participants were younger than 65 years and engaged in paid work at the time of the stroke. Methods: Data collected prospectively for 18 months were analysed using the Kaplan–Meier method for time trends, and then a multiple logistic...

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