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Remain in Work—What Work-Related Factors Are Associated With Sustainable Work Attendance
A General Population-Based Study of Women and Men Objective: To analyze if organizational climate and work commitment, demand and control, job strain, social support, and physical demands at work are associated with remain in work (RIW), that is, work attendance without sick leave over 15 days per year. Methods: This Swedish cross-sectional study was based on 4013 workers (aged 19 to 64 years), randomly selected from a general population. Data were collected (2008) through postal questionnaire and registers. Results: Fair organizational climate, the combination of fair organizational climate and...
Pain Catastrophizing and Pain-related Emotions: Influence of Age and Type of Pain
Ruscheweyh, Ruth et al. (2011). Pain Catastrophizing and Pain-related Emotions: Influence of Age and Type of Pain. Clinical Journal of Pain , 27 (7): 578–586. Objectives: One of the most important determinants of the individual pain experience is pain catastrophizing, reflecting an excessively negative cognitive and emotional orientation toward pain. Its assessment by standard questionnaires, which ask participants to reflect on idiosyncratic past painful experiences, is important. It is currently not known whether different types of pain differently shape pain catastrophizing. Furthermore...

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