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Remain in Work—What Work-Related Factors Are Associated With Sustainable Work Attendance
A General Population-Based Study of Women and Men Objective: To analyze if organizational climate and work commitment, demand and control, job strain, social support, and physical demands at work are associated with remain in work (RIW), that is, work attendance without sick leave over 15 days per year. Methods: This Swedish cross-sectional study was based on 4013 workers (aged 19 to 64 years), randomly selected from a general population. Data were collected (2008) through postal questionnaire and registers. Results: Fair organizational climate, the combination of fair organizational climate and...
The work ability index and single-item question
Associations with sick leave, symptoms, and health – a prospective study of women on long-term sick leave Objectives : This study investigated the association between the work ability index (WAI) and the single-item question on work ability among women working in human service organizations (HSO) currently on long-term sick leave. It also examined the association between the WAI and the single-item question in relation to sick leave, symptoms, and health. Predictive values of the WAI, the changed WAI, the single-item question, and the changed single-item question were investigated for degree...

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